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Tackling Flooding in Bangladesh in a Changing Climate



January, 2024


  • Lucia Letsch
  • Shouro Dasgupta
  • Elizabeth JZ Robinson


Nearly 60% of Bangladesh’s population is exposed to high flood risk, a greater proportion of the population than in any other country in the world other than the Netherlands, and around 45% are exposed to high fluvial flood risk, the highest figure in the world (Rentschler et al., 2022). Climate change is exacerbating this risk and causing damage with an increasingly high financial and humanitarian cost. This policy brief examines the physical and socioeconomic factors that make Bangladesh so vulnerable to flooding, particularly in a changing climate, before reviewing how the country has addressed this challenge to date and how it might respond better in the future.


Grantham Research Institute, 2023. Tackling Flooding in Bangladesh in a Changing Climate.


Grantham Research Institute, LSE, Houghton Stree,t London.

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