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Coastal Zone Management: an Analysis of Different Policy Documents



January, 2024


  • M. Rafiqul Islam
  • Rob Koudstaal


Starting from the early nineties, several ministries of the Government of Bangladesh released policy documents. While some ministries are still to draft a policy, others have already revised or are in the process of revision of their policy documents. In addition to two national strategic planning documents, the Government of Bangladesh so far has prepared more than a dozen sectoral policy documents, that are relevant for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). In 2001, during the interim period of the PDO project, a first attempt was made to bring together from these policy documents all the statements relevant for the coastal zone. Eight policy documents and the Fifth Five-Year Plan (FFYP) were reviewed and results were presented in a discussion paper (PDO-ICZM, 2001). Since then, new policy documents have been released and some earlier released documents could be collected. The present working paper updates the previous discussion paper with information from 5 additional sectoral policy documents and the National Strategy for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction (ERD, 2002). In this backdrop, it merits mention that the Government of Bangladesh has not yet adopted a formal Coastal Zone Policy. In September 1999, however, a document: “Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Concept and Issues” was released by the Ministry of Water Resources, that is identified as Policy Note of the Government. Based on this Note, a more formal policy will be drafted by the PDO-ICZM project


Islam M. R., Koudstaal R.,2003. Coastal Zone Management: an Analysis of Different Policy Documents, Program Development Office for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (PDO-ICZM), Dhaka



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