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Building resilience for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector.



January, 2024


  • Alexandre Meybeck
  • Jussi Lankoski
  • Suzanne Redfern
  • Nadine Azzu
  • Vincent Gitz.


This workshop was a follow-up of the Joint OECD-INEA-FAO Workshop on Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Change, which was held in June 2010. One of the conclusions of that 2010 Workshop was that, as climate change brings new uncertainties, adds new risks and changes already existing risks, one of the most effective ways for agriculture to adapt to climate change could be to increase its resilience. This is why this workshop started from the various types of risks to which agriculture is prone, considered the impact that climate change is expected to have on them, and discussed various risk management strategies, depending on types of risks, and the country and region in question. This two-day workshop consisted of four sessions including setting the scene, types of risks and risk management, case studies and, finally, tools, policies and institutions.


Building resilience for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector; Proceedings of a Joint FAO/OECD Workshop 23–24 April 2012; P354.


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