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Climate Resilient Agriculture in Coastal and Flood-plain Regions of Bangladesh



January, 2024


  • Dr. Abu Wali Raghib Hassan
  • Dr. Fazle Rabbi Sadeque Ahmed
  • Md. Rafiul Alam Siddiqui
  • Aparna Barman


This project has two thematic areas: ‘Combating Gender Based Violence’ and ‘Climate Change Adaptation’. Under its ‘Climate Change Adaptation theme, the project intends to support the most vulnerable communities to deal with climate change impacts on their lives and livelihoods in Bangladesh. Because of its geo-physical location, Bangladesh is prone to natural disasters such as tropical cyclones, tornadoes, droughts, floods, storms, and storm surges. Agricultural production is adversely influenced by erratic rainfall, high temperature, increased salinity, drought, flood, river erosion, storm and storm surge, cold wave, and heavy fog. Agriculture is the prime sector of livelihoods of rural people who account for majority of the population in the country. Given this context, the project intends to promote context specific, eco-system friendly and climate adaptive agricultural practices in coastal and flood plain regions. Therefore, a comprehensive study was planned to assess climate change impacts on agriculture, to understand community and institutional responses and needs, and to identify climate resilient agricultural practices with a major focus on climate smart technologies in these two climate vulnerable areas.


Climate Resilient Agriculture in Coastal and Flood-plain Regions of Bangladesh; October 2019; Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) P46.


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