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January, 2024


  • Abu M. Kamal Uddin
  • Rob Kaudstaal


For integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), this document specifies a coastal zone in Bangladesh where the vulnerabilities and opportunities require special management approaches. The three basic natural system processes and events that govern opportunities and vulnerabilities of the coastal zone of Bangladesh are: tidal fluctuations; salinities (soil, surface water or groundwater); and cyclone and storm surge risk. Considering these three criteria, an assessment has been done to delineate the coastal zone. For each of these criteria, threshold values were specified, and corresponding impacted areas were determined. Based on these criteria, a proposal for coastal zone delineation was developed and subsequently discussed at different levels and finally at the 5th and 6th Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee meetings held on April 20, 2003 and October 25, 2003, respectively. As per the proposal and decisions of these meetings, coastal zone of Bangladesh consists of 19 districts (see Map of the coastal zone of Bangladesh) comprising 147 upazilas (see Tables) and the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Further, a distinction has been made between upazilas facing the coast or the estuary and the upazilas located behind them. A total of 48 upazilas in 12 districts that are exposed to the sea and or lower estuaries, are defined as the exposed coast and the remaining 99 upazilas of the coastal districts are termed interior coast. In this working paper, approaches and methodologies, criteria and their justifications, threshold values for each of these criteria, data and analysis supporting the delineation and further sub-divisions are described. Tables and maps are presented at the end of the report.


Uddin, A.M.K., Kaudstaal,R.,2003. Delineation of the Coastal Zone, Program Development Office for Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (PDO-ICZMP), Dhaka



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